Ans: Estimation often consumes a significant amount of your in-house team's bandwidth. This results in missed opportunities due to lack of estimation capabilities. We serve as your extended team, ensuring that each project is completed on time and providing you with a cost advantage over your in-house costs.

Ans: Our proprietary software tool has mapped over 5000 plans and drawings from all levels of the value chain in various trades such as excavation, structural, concrete MEP, external works, and more, allowing us to give our customers instant cost and time estimates for their projects. Our platform allows you to monitor your project at all stages. Customers can also contact our in-house team for additional support or feedback.

Ans: We assist companies across the value chain. We have successfully delivered projects for developers, general contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, wholesalers, & cost consultancies.

Ans: We have experience in concrete, masonry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC/mechanical, flooring, painting, drywall, paving, landscaping, millwork, earthwork, excavation, & roofing.

Ans: Obviously, having plans or drawings to work with is advantageous. However, in the past, we have executed projects without such information. In such circumstances, you have the option of talking directly with our in-house experts to ensure that they understand your project and the assumptions required to give accurate estimates.

Ans: Our website includes a sign-up option. The sign-up page allows you to manage your information on our website. Your account is password-protected. All drawings and information you upload to our website are safe and only available to our in-house team.

Ans: Our in-house team consists of skilled engineers with extensive expertise of US codes and best practices. You will have full visibility of the progress made on the project at all stages. If you need to speak with one of our in-house experts, you can set up review calls at any stage of the engagement.

Ans: We are a global organization with access to all major estimating tools utilized worldwide. Some popular ones include Bluebeam, Plans Swift, OST, CostX, CCTO, and Agtek. We also use additional tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, Quick Bids, and Conest Intellibid when needed to increase the quality of our deliverables to our customers.

Ans: On the project delivery date you will receive an email from our end with the excel files, & PDFs.

Ans: Our website has names of clients who have used our service.

Ans: We charge our customers based on the actual numbers of hours spent. We believe that every project is unique and varies in complexity. We don't have a fixed-rate card. Our rates are automatically generated and vary depending on the project's complexity and duration. Cost savings are guaranteed on every project we deliver, regardless of duration or level of complexity.

Ans: You can make payment by logging into your account. You can pay using all major debit & credit cards as well Razorpay.